EL DULZE presents new products at Fruit Attraction

El Dulze continues its sustained effort in innovating and adapting its products to the demands of today’s increasingly demanding and knowledgeable consumer, and is coming to Fruit Attraction with some big innovations.  Commodity products, those which merely satisfy dietary needs, are taking a back seat. Nowadays, people are demanding new, innovative products, which is the key to the evolution we are now seeing in the fruit and vegetable sector. Conscious of this, El Dulze is continuously working on developing new products adapted to today’s consumption and the current market.

One example is Crunchita, a lettuce used as a base for a snack. The idea is to use it as a replacement for bread, as it is resistant, crunchy and above all easy to prepare. A major innovation from El Dulze which aims not only to surprise with the product itself, but also generate new forms of consumption. This launch is seeing widespread acceptance among its clients, just like its organic mini carrots: “A very healthy snack with a sweet flavour, easy to eat and great for kids.

The brand’s line of Asian vegetables is also growing with products like Pak Choi and Choi Sum, which aim not only to satisfy demand among the Asian population but also among consumers looking for healthier and more innovative nutrition concepts.

In the same vein, we are introducing changes to the packaging of our products, with new, updated designs to liven up the look of the product on the shelf.

During the tenth edition of Fruit Attraction, in Madrid, new product lines will be presented which are to be launched onto the market for the new year.

Frutas El Dulze changes its name to El Dulze Growers at the start of this year, and continues to split its distribution 50/50 between the Spanish market and exports to Europe and the Middle East. France and the Nordic countries are the main European destinations for its products.

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