EC2CE - Supply Chain: an effective solution for improving business management

This technological application based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is a very practical way for marketers and distributors to get up-to-date forecasts of product availability several weeks ahead, allowing them to anticipate their commercial and logistical decisions and systematically improve the margins in their business.

Aplicación tecnológica

ec2ce’s Supply Chain solution is applicable to any horticultural product, both greenhouse and open field, and gives forecasts of how many peppers, cucumbers and courgettes will be received by retailers several weeks ahead, anticipates lettuce production and sizes by farm, and gives precise updates on optimal cutting dates and planting plans for tomatoes, among other examples.

With no need for investment in additional monitoring, the differential value lies in the fact that, because it is based on a technological platform with solid scientific foundations, ec2ce is able to adapt the solution efficiently to the needs of each client, with commercial implementation in several countries in Europe and Latin America.