CORTIJO BIO presents avocados and mangos at Fruit Attraction 2018

Cortijo Bio is back at Fruit Attraction for another year, hoping to take on a bigger role than ever. As well as seasonal sweet potatoes and pumpkins, Cortijo Bio will unveil some of their most promising projects: their avocados and mangos. A young project which is beginning to see results after three years. Jean Claude’s speciality is knowing and understanding the weather. He has been predicting trends since 1995, projecting promising ideas for the future. Despite the potential of this new project located in Málaga province, the first stages of production will only allow them to supply to a limited number of clients.

 “Our presence at Fruit Attraction 2017 was very positive and allowed us to find out the supply forecasts for the exporting season. We also got the chance to meet new clients and establish closer relationships with existing clients, increasing the supply of new products or to other times of year,” the company states.

“The expectation for the 2018 edition is to continue that trend, get even closer to end clients and show that Cortijo Bio’s 25 years exclusively producing and marketing organic products is not an accident, it is proof of our expertise, reliability and quality”.

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