CN Seeds Ltd, part of the CN Seeds Group, are the UK’s largest suppliers to the horticultural industry worldwide

CN Seeds Ltd, part of the CN Seeds Group and founded in 1990, are the UK’s largest suppliers of herb, baby-leaf and oriental seeds to the horticultural industry worldwide.  The business is based in the village of Pymoor in rural England. At this location the company manages a complex and diverse site, with high tech facilities for seed packing, long term seed storage, seed treating, cleaning and drying. In addition to this the company has two laboratories and 150 acres of farmland, of which 3.5 acres is taken up with glasshouse dedicated to developing and trialling new products.
CN Seeds breeds and develops new and novel seed varieties. Its growth strategy is built around an innovation culture, whereby the company utilises new technology and techniques to accelerate product development times, improve efficiency and enhance product quality. As herbs and baby-leaf salads have become more popular, growers are constantly looking for new and improved varieties, demanding innovation in leaf colour, shape, taste, yield or disease resistance. In response to this the company has invested heavily in R&D, both in infrastructure, staff time and through working on collaborative projects with both private and public research bodies.  In terms of seed breeding the CN Seeds is leading the field in many areas of research.


The company is one of the first private sector seed breeding companies in the UK to utilise associative transcriptomics, a new and highly accurate way of identifying genetic traits of interest. It is also the only private business in the UK which runs a specialist disease resistance screening facility for international disease strains, so it can develop in built disease tolerance within its plant varieties for a global market. The company also has close ties to the world-renowned John Innes Centre in Norwich and has worked on multiple collaborative ventures over the last three years to identify disease tolerant varieties within the Brassica genus.


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