CLASSPACK expands its TOP 22 ECO range of Servo-packers

The TOP 22 ECO range of Servo-packers have the same dimensions as the well-known “MBM” range and are very easy to install. These machines are designed to perform the “longmovements with electric actuators moved by servomotors and “short” movements such as clamping, driven by mini cylinders. Even the suction cups are controlled by an ejector with a digital pressure switch that stops the flow of air once the desired vacuum has been achieved.

These changes result in an 80% reduction in air consumption and a 90% reduction in noise compared to existing machines. Such is the noise level that plants with a high number of other types of packing machines easily exceed the 85 decibels allowed by law. This forces staff to rotate, duplicating the number of staff required in order to limit exposure.

However, by using energy in a rational way and installing efficient TOP 22 ECO machines, this problem is completely solved. This is possible because this is a mature technology, at an accessible price and equivalent to the existing machines on the market. They make bags of 1 to 4 kilos with mesh and printed tapes. They are easy to maintain, consume 66% less energy and are sturdy and silent.

This year’s latest innovation is the TOP 22 HYBRID with a thermo-welder module that allows working with products separately in addition to our well-known Continuous Tubular Pre-former.

CLASSPACK will be present at Fruit Attraction