Champ’Pom Export are potato producers and traders, based in Champagne, France, at the gateway to Paris. Champ’Pom Export’s adventure began 10 years ago and continues today in a large part of the Iberian Peninsula. For geographic and logistic reasons, Spain and France have been always strong commercial partners and their position in the Spanish market is safe and sustainableTheir participation in Fruit Attraction 2018 allows them to consolidate and even strengthen this position. From the 23rd to the 25th of October, they want to know their current partners and promote meetings with future partners.

What do they offer?  They work with all varieties and all culinary types of potatoes.  Their own production covers 20% of all their sales (40,000 T / year), and the other 80% is covered by French partner producers, all located in the North half of France. Most of their travels take place in BigBags, but they can work in any type of package (bulk, bigbags, 25KG, 15KG, 10KG, etc.), with or without brand. They also offer onions.

They opened the Arabian Peninsula market two years ago and are now expanding in the Eastern Europe market.