After a long and successful career, CESAB Europe has announced that the DRAGO series, awarded the “Compasso d’Oro” and designed by Pininfarina, is to be replaced by the hydrostatic version of the well-known and successful M300, the new CESAB M300H.

These hydrostatic forklift trucks are nothing new to CESAB, given that their history dates back to the early 1990’s with the presentation of the first version of the DRAGO model.
Production of the new CESAB M300H is scheduled to begin in mid-July this year at the Ancenis factory (France). The range will be available in models with capacities from 1,500 kg to 3,500 kg in both Diesel and LPG.
The CESAB M300H has been designed with an in-house designed hydrostatic drive axle developed with Bosch-Rexroth components, hydraulic pump and motors.
The new M300H offers numerous benefits:
Extremely powerful and precise handling.
Speedy reverse drive thus greatly enhancing productivity.
Independent lift and drive operation for complete control.
Automatic brake effect when the foot is lifted off the accelerator to facilitate manoeuvrability.
Easy and full drive control on ramps resulting in greater safety.
Pre-setting of operation and performance parameters.
The pre-set performance parameters are a unique feature of the CESAB, enabling the driver to adjust forklift behaviour to the work environment and his/her driving skills. A dashboard switch offers three options:

S – Smooth, the forklift will accelerate and brake smoothly.
P – Medium, forklift reactions will be that little more sustained.
H – High, maximum forklift performance for greater productivity.
These different modes affect the automatic braking and acceleration by way of the accelerator pedal. Both driving and hydraulics can be personalised by means of a laptop to adapt to the particular driver or client use of the forklift.
Driver comfort (ergonomic features), safety and durability are fully guaranteed as the new CESAB M300H has leveraged these characteristics from the tried and trusted M300 torque converter:
Hydraulic control using mini-levers or a joystick for precision loading operations and minimal handling effort.
Exclusive Intelligent Mast Design (IMD) that affords great visibility under any working circumstance.
A seat that can be adjusted to suit the operator’s weight, resulting in improved productivity rates.
Car type pedals or Double Pedal, the preferred choice for any operator or application.

Intelligent Stability Design (ISD) Active Safety
As part of the M300H series launch, CESAB has also incorporated an added active safety feature known as ISD. ISD will be a standard feature of Hydrostatic and Torque Converter M300 versions.
ISD provides the following load handling benefits:
Active Mast Control
Front tilt angle control restricts, if necessary, the forward tilt depending on the weight of the load and lift height.
Rear tilt speed control will restrict the rear tilt speed in accordance with lift height.
Automatic 0º tilt; a button on the tilt lever makes it possible for the driver to easily position the mast in a perfectly horizontal position.
Key-Lift activation locks all hydraulic functions when the ignition switch is turned off.
By means of a rear axle stabiliser and depending on the speed and steering angle, the rear axle pivot can become blocked by a cylinder to ensure lateral stability.
Steering wheel synchronisation makes sure that the steering knob is always in the same place, thus the driver knows the exact steering wheel position on starting-up.
The official launch is scheduled for early September. CESAB Material Handling Europe is extremely proud of its new model and of the fact of being able to offer its excellent features to its European network and its customers.

For further information:
Ton de Hollander – Senior Marketing Product Manager
E-mail: ton.dehollander@cesab-forklifts.eu
Tel. +33 7 86 30 02 41