Compagnie Fruitiere Spain has renewed its ISO 22: 000 Certification

Compagnie Fruitiere maintains a policy of continuous investment in renovating and updating its facilities. In addition, it also currently intends to adapt them to new products with Rainforest, Bio and Fair Trade certifications.

As a result of this policy, Compagnie Fruitiere España has renewed its ISO 22:000 Certification for the third time since it was first gained in 2009.

This year, however, it will go further, by seeking to obtain the IFS Certification.

This certification implies a significant qualitative leap in terms of infrastructure improvement, food fraud prevention and food defence, in addition to confirming the impeccable traceability and on-going staff training, already achieved with the ISO Certification.

This is one more objective when it comes to acquiring excellence in marketing and distribution with the highest social and environmental guarantees, to which the Compagnie Fruitiere Group is committed.