CEREZAS MOLINA Y AZORIN, a passion for flavour

Cerezas Molina y Azorín is a family business that has been expanding, and in 2017 they decided to make a quantitative and qualitative leap in the classification of their product, LA CEREZA. They decided to introduce new technology, and in 2018 they bought “UNITEC” machinery to sort and classify their cherries. This shortens handling times and, above all, ensures that their cherries, which are harvested with the highest quality in the field, maintain the highest FRESHNESS AND TASTE throughout handling and packaging and until they reach the final consumer.

Committing to UNITEC has been a sound decision that has allowed them to control the flow of data with a speed, efficiency and quality that was unthinkable with manual sorting. After the 2018 season, they are more than satisfied with the results obtained with the incorporation of this technology. Cerezas Molina y Azorín are already analysing new technologies they can incorporate both in the field and in the warehouse, for the 2019 season.


At Fruit Attraction they will be located in Hall 3, Stand 3D08H