CASTILLA Y LEON - TIERRA DE SABOR is the leading national producer of sugar beet and potato and leek

Castilla y León is a faithful reflection of the importance of the agricultural sector in Spain, as it is the leading national producer of such important crops as sugar beet, potato and leek, as well as second largest producer of carrot and third of garlic.

For this reason, Castilla y León – Tierra de Sabor will be present at Fruit Attraction 2018 in Hall 8 at the Ifema Exhibition Centre with a selection of Companies and Food Quality Management Councils/Associations that will promote the origin and quality of Castilla y León’s products and show the variety of horticultural products that are produced, processed and / or transformed in our region.

The Tierra de Sabor banner was presented in March 2009, with the ambitious goal of highlighting the enormous potential of the agri-food sector in Castilla y León. To date, 963 companies in the Region use the brand, which brings together 6,030 products under the yellow umbrella label.

The interest in healthy products and better quality that is rooted in the region sets a series of challenges and objectives that allow the agri-food industry to develop and, in parallel, meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers. Challenges addressed by the Tierra de Sabor Quality Mark.

Our producers want to improve their connection with the land, to let the consumer know that Tierra de Sabor has a special link with the primary sector in Castilla y León so that they attach greater value to the Tierra de Sabor brand, making it attractive to a larger number of industries and improving the marketing of Tierra de Sabor products, expanding their presence and diversifying their distribution channels.

The ultimate goal is to make our guarantee mark a NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL reference that drives our agri-food sector and defends it in the future.

The distinctive + Sabor Gourmet brand was created in 2016, with the aim of establishing a category of high-end products that meet the needs of an increasingly demanding consumer who demands greater specialisation, and to promote their marketing inside and outside the Region and the country.

 In addition to its specialisation, they want to bring the brand closer to each potential customer group. To this end, their diversification was started in 4 lines: + Sabor Social, + Sabor Saludable, + Sabor Ecológico y + Sabor Artesano