Carboctenia: A renewed corporate image in Fruit Attraction 2018

The Carbotecnia’s nutritional solutions for all kind of crops based on Low molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids have new label and website. Carbotecnia exposes its renewed and modern image in the X edition of Fruit Attraction.

Since 1999, the company has grown and progressed designing, formulating and manufacturing the best fertilizers. For months Carbotecnia has been renewing its image, showing since April new labels and a modern website, more didactic and full of information about the company.

The new labels are being sent little by little to the Carbotecnia’s distributors from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. It is expected to get all distributors their new labels in September. They will get containers with much clearer texts on their labels, and with a more modern and fresh image.

During the tenth Fruit Attraction, Carbotecnia will show these and many more news, “always consistent quality, with better image”. It will be during the 23rd, 24th, and 25th October, in Hall 9.

In Carbotecnia, we take care of your plants from roots to fruits.