The Cooperative CAMPOS DE JUMILLA has been commercialising the fruit of its partners for more than 30 years

The Cooperative Campos de Jumilla has been marketing the fruit of its members for more than 30 years, having adapted during all this time to market demands, with new products and new varieties, increasing the professionalism of its producers and having great efficiency in its handling centre.

The highest volume and reference product in the company is La Pera Ercolini, product with a PDO.  Pera de Jumilla, which guarantees completely differentiated quality standards. Its product and work are known in all consumer markets of this variety of pear, providing the brand Campos de Jumilla with a recognised name within this pear sector.

Its presence in Fruit Attraction is mainly focused on being a meeting point for all its customers, and to make known to the whole world all its products and work. Every year they strive to innovate in different types of packaging, that give value and that allow consumers to recognise the quality of their products.