CACTUS SERRANO, a cacti and succulent company

Cactus Serrano is a family business that has specialised in growing, buying and selling cacti and succulents since 1990.

Ever since, and after almost a generation in this specialist area, Cactus Serrano has grown, and now markets more than 1,500 varieties of the best cacti and succulents to its customers around the world. Cactus Serrano has 17,000 m2 devoted entirely to growing these varieties.


It all began when the company’s founder and manager became interested in these plants, and started reading magazines and visiting nurseries to learn about them, becoming a collector later on. He became so passionate about cacti and succulents that he decided to stop growing vegetables and threw himself entirely into growing these plants.


Cactus Serrano will be at Fruit Attraction 2018.