BYD will show its latest eco-friendly forklifts in Fruit Attraction 2018

BYD forklifts, the most advanced and technologically innovative on the market, will be present again at Fruit Attraction 2018.

BYD forklifts, manufactured by the giant BYD, leader in green energy technologies, are the most environmentally friendly and have the lowest total cost of operation. Their design and innovative iron-phosphate batteries mean a dramatic reduction in the operation and maintenance costs associated with forklifts.


The fast charging of iron-phosphate batteries makes BYD forklifts ideal machines for the intralogistics of the fruit and vegetable sector. The BYD iron-phosphate battery can be charged to 100% in 1 hour, allowing long working days to be completed without needing to change the battery.


BYD Forklifts distributes 32 models of low-maintenance eco-friendly forklifts provided by 10 dealers in Spain. The fast charging of iron-phosphate batteries allows for long working days without needing to change the battery.


Lower environmental impact and cost savings
Charging the BYD iron-phosphate battery requires a fraction of the time taken by traditional lead-acid batteries. It is charged through a convenient outlet on the side of forklift and lasts virtually all of the forklift’s useful life. The BYD battery consumes around 40% less electricity during the charge / discharge cycle than a standard lead-acid battery, thanks to its charging efficiency of 98%.


About BYD
BYD, industry leader in the energy and transport sectors, is one of the largest private companies in China. Created in 1995, it manufactures forklifts, cars, electric vehicles and coaches. The company is committed to environmental sustainability, rapidly developing solid experience in rechargeable batteries, and successfully expanding its renewable energy solutions worldwide, with operations in over 50 countries and regions. BYD is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges.


Based in Rotterdam, BYD Europe has become a major supplier of pure electric solutions for public transport all over Europe, where several countries already use BYD electric coaches and taxis.
BYD Forklift began operation in 2010 in Shaoguan (China), at facilities measuring one million m2, fitted with the latest manufacturing technologies. The headquarters of BYD Forklift Europe are located in Rotterdam.


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