BRANDT EUROPE will present its significant innovations at Fruit Attraccion

The company Brandt Europe, subsidiary of the US agricultural leader for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, will present at the upcoming agricultural show, Fruit Attraction 2018, two pioneering systems that are already proving a success on the market. On the one hand, there is the biostimulant Plant Start, based on extracts from two marine algae of different strains that optimise plant transplanting. This formula contains natural precursors, plant vitamins and antistress substances derived from algae extract from Acophyllum Nodosum and Eklonia Maxima and is applied both in fert-irrigation and on the leaves and is designed for the post-transplant phase, not only in horticultural crops and berries but also in orchards, olive groves and other crops. The effect of the algae obtains a rapid multiplication of the roots after transplant and its high phosphorous content helps these roots grow quickly and strongly.

At Fruit Attraction it will also present Manni-Plex, a nutrient delivery system designed to provide micronutrients to the plant’s growth points, and which, unlike conventional products, is manufactured with a unique mixture of sugar alcohols. This provides, among other advantages, better leaf contact thanks to their sticky, wetting agents, greater initial absorption, thanks to their smaller molecular size, their compatibility with insecticides and capacity to provide nutrients directly to the xylem and phloem, being the only system on the market capable of doing this.

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