BOLLO INTERNATIONAL FRUITS to launch a new line of citrus fruit at Fruit Attraction

This year, for the first time at Fruit Attraction, BOLLO INTERNATIONAL FRUITS will introduce a new line of citrus fruits to meet market demand and expectations.

Bollo knows how important it is to be fair to customers, and that to do this, it has to supervise produce from origin. That’s why its team in the field focuses on producing citrus fruits, melons, watermelons, and persimmons, adapting to new growing techniques and investing in better varieties and production areas. Another objective is to offer its products to its customers 365 days of the year. In recent years, the company has expanded its range of Bollo products, adding pomegranates, kiwis, stone and tropical fruit. In 2018, Bollo’s melons obtained the 2018 flavour seal for the second consecutive year.


BOLLO INTERNATIONAL FRUITS will be at the 10th anniversary of Fruit Attraction. The trade fair has become a benchmark for the sector, both nationally and internationally. In recent years, it has become an unmissable event for the fruit and vegetable world value chain. It serves as a showcase for BOLLO INTERNATIONAL FRUITS and is a place for serving customers, suppliers and making new contacts. It is also an opportunity for discovering trends in the sector and for networking, discovering new machinery, packaging and new trends.