BIO SOL PORTOCARRERO, welcome to the organic world

They are Ecological-Biological-Organic horticultural farmers, who work in their own production. They come from a rural family with agricultural tradition, near the wonderful environment of the “Cabo de Gata–Nijar Natural Park”.

Their grandparents farmed using natural methods and they feel the need to go back to their roots, and have chosen to revert to how their ancestors taught them. This decision allowed them to be the first Ecological-Biological-Organic company, in the Níjar region in the beginning, opening the door for other farmers and companies to cross the same path, with the benefit that this brings to their environment and as a direct consequence to all living beings that live in it. Contributing to the protection of the environment and ecological philosophy through sustainable economy.

To this day, they continue reaffirming themselves in continuing to produce and continue thinking about Ecological-Biological-Organic, to continue demonstrating that you can do what you believe.

In the future they will continue working in this line, always looking for the Ecological-Biological-Organic guarantee, so that their descendants can enjoy healthy, exquisite and high-quality products, through work and belief, in defence of a more sustainable planet.

Bio Sol Portocarrero is made up of people committed to the philosophy of organic farming.  Its workers are employed at the highest level to achieve that their products reach the maximum standard of quality. Since they believe, care for and promote organic farming.

Phone: 0034 950 387016

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Address: Ctra. San José, KM 3
04117 Barranquete – Nijar (Almería). SPAIN