Organic production by Benihort at Fruit Attraction 2018

Benihort will present its organic production this 2018 at Fruit Attraction.  The project is one of a number of initiatives by the San Isidro Agricultural Cooperative in Benicarló, whose product catalogue already includes organic artichoke and watermelon. The cooperative has now acquired two new warehouses, increasing their working area by 5,000 m2. The aim of the company is to have a line with organic versions of the conventional products it offers, including lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, oranges and clementines.

With a production volume of 40,000 tonnes of citrus and 35,000 of vegetables in 2017, Benihort, situated in the north of Castellón province, is now one of the biggest cooperatives in the Valencian Community. “After analysing market trends, requests from clients and seeing the growing demand in this sector at the last edition of Fruit Attraction, we decided to take the plunge and begin organic production, which offers so many benefits to health, the local economy and the environment”, said Benihort’s managing director.

The Benicarló cooperative currently produces two organic products: artichoke and watermelon. Our goal in the next three years is to reach production of 3,500 tonnes of vegetables and began a 4-year conversion to produce 4,500 tonnes of citrus fruit”, explains Production manager Javier Rillo. “In other words, make 10% of our conventional production organic, which will go to both the Spanish and international markets”.

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