Belgische Fruitveiling (BFV)

BFV – Market leader in Belgium and trendsetter in Europe – We didn’t grow by chance

The BFV is Europe’s biggest cooperative of topfruit growers. The cooperative can boast a membership of 1200 professional fruit growers and sells more than 250 million kilos of fruit annually, representing more than 60% of all commercially grown fruit in Belgium. 85% of BFV fresh produce is destined for export outside of Belgium, with an outlook on developing and expanding sales in newer markets such as China, India, Indonesia and Brazil with a heavy focus on its successful “Truval®” brand. BFV is the number one supplier of Conference pears in the world and currently developing the Red Conference®. Other quality apple varieties from BFV are Joly Red®, Red Prince, Jonagored. The newest apple variety is the Morgana®. BFV also produces 3.000 tons of cherries every year. Top quality fresh produce from the BFV at the highest food safety standards… the benchmark for the agro-industry worldwide.

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