BEHR Europe, vegetables freshly harvested all year

Their European production and marketing companies allow them to guarantee the supply of fresh vegetables to their customers throughout the year. For this, they pay special attention to quality standards, sustainable ecological and economic behaviour, as well as social responsibility in all their locations. As a group of companies that act at a European level in the field of vegetable production, they grow vegetables outdoors on more than 4,000 hectares. Thanks to their location in Spain they can also supply fresh vegetables to their customers during the winter months. With an annual ecological cultivation area of ​​350 hectares, they are the leaders in the production of biological products in Germany.

Their production and marketing companies guarantee their customers a timely and reliable supply of freshly picked vegetables. Behr AG and Behr Iberia are the commercial agents and their producing companies are members of the fruit and vegetable producer organization Mecklenburger Ernte GmbH. The entire production, preparation and marketing process is subject to an established and standardised quality assurance system.

The name BEHR has represented a trustworthy relationship with its customers for four generations. They are trusted partners that guarantee a punctual and quality supply of fresh and tasty lettuce and vegetables. They maintain and take care of an honest, fair and respectful collaboration with their customers, and they are a recognized European partner of the most important operators in the market.

Among its customers are the European food retail and fresh vegetable processing companies in Germany and the neighbouring European states. They have been trusted by the food retailer for many years, so much that they even package their own trademarks. In addition, they supply food retailers in, for example, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as German and European supermarkets.


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BEHR Iberia S.L.U.

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