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The Barbera Company is a family business, from father to son since three generations.

Barbera International is located at the foot of Mount Etna (Sicily, Italy). The Company produces Sicilian fruit of the highest quality and it sells, thanks to a young, dynamic and professional team, directly to customers without middlemen.

Our mission is the Top-Quality fruits and we are specialists in Premium Sicilian Products such as: Blood Oranges (from December to April), Table Grapes (from June to November) Prickly Pears (from August to December) Tomatoes of Pachino (from November to April) Lemons of Syracuse (from October to April).
We are present in many Countries and we work, exclusively and directly, with the main retailers in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

An increasing success without compromises about quality!
We only sell fresh and delicious products with unforgettable flavors and distinctive nutritional properties.

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