ARBOS will show its products for the fruit and vegetables sector at Fruit Attraction

Arbos, an Italian brand with more than a century of history, specialist in agricultural machinery for fruit and vegetables, will be present for the first time at Fruit Attraction .

Arbos will be present at Fruit Attraction, with an exhibition of horticultural seeders and tractors ranging from 22 to 136 HP, making visible all its know-how of development and manufacturing of recognized prestige. Arbos tractors are considered a reference in the specialized sector due to their compact dimensions, high versatility and reliability.

In the section of isodiametric tractors, the offer ranges from 22 to 100 HP; the isodiametric tractors below 50 HP have been developed for small agricultural plots. Above 50 HP, this segment of product is designed to move nimbly between narrow rows and low branches, while allowing very small turns with high stability. They are the ideal tractors to work in the densest fruit trees, in greenhouses and in irregular terrains, even with strong lateral and vertical slopes.

As for compact tractors Arbos offers the 3000 series that are the answer for those who need a flexible and multifunctional tractor; ideal tractors to satisfy the majority of activities in the management of parks and gardens, sports fields, communal areas, plant nurseries, seed houses and small agricultural plots.

For fruit trees and vineyards, Arbos has the appropriate solution: the 4000F/AF series available up to 102 HP, with the main characteristics that best suit these types of crops.

Another series that will be shown will be the 4000Q that represents a separate class of tractors, unparalleled in the market, ideal for working between rows of fruit trees and vineyards, with restricted heights and limited manoeuvring spaces, and in general, in uneven terrain and on slopes.

You will also be able to see the 5000 Series, a series of open field tractors, in a high-clearance version, specially manufactured for vine in glass and horticultural crops.

As for the pneumatic horticultural seeders, the MSO series are the result of the experience accumulated by Arbos in precision sowing in horticulture. The high versatility of the distributor, together with the technology of the EASY-SET system, makes this seeder adapt to a specialized use, such as the planting of chard and vegetables in general.  The MSO-DUO version uses 2 distributors with the sowing in two lines for each row. The distributors can be moved aside, covering the distance between the sowing rows of 4 to 10 cm. Both the MSO and the MSO-DUO are equipped with swaying movements for the regulation of the sowing depth and a set of steel wheels, rubber-coated wheels, or the press wheels that prepare the sowing bed for each type of ground.

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