Aniplast was born more than 30 years ago from the idea of ​​making available the know-how acquired by making the first covers in Apulia (Italy) able to anticipate maturation.

Nowadays the company is a leader in the plastic sector about covers of LPDE and nets used in agriculture.

In recent years, the staff has received and repaid the trust of hundreds of customers, Italians and foreign, who wanted to entrust the request for coverage for both vineyards and any other type of orchard (cherries, kiwis, and red fruits) proposing the best solution at the best price.

Aniplast manufactures and sells: polyethylene films for agricultural purposes, shading nets, windbreaks, anti-aphid and anti-hail nets, and accessories for the assembly of the sheets on the structure.

These products aim to anticipate fruit ripening, postpone harvesting, and protect the crop from wind, aphids and hail.


Mainly the products are divided into three categories: the plastic ones, the laminated ones and the nets. Each of which is suggested for a type of crop.

The range of plastic films in LDPE polyethylene stabilized to UV rays, includes the ANIGOLD series which differs depending on the thickness, and therefore the duration: ANIGOLD 120 micron, ANIGOLD 160 micron, ANIGOLD 200 micron.

These products are suitable for covering table grapes and berries. Thanks to the high transparency it’s possible to advance the ripening of the fruit.

ANIGOLD 200 T in the LONG LIFE version has a higher concentration of additive and is suitable for covering greenhouses and tunnels for crops in areas with high solar intensity. It’s the best cover to fight the bacteriosis (the PSA) that damages kiwis.

Among the laminated fabrics there is ANISOLAR PLUS, laminated HDPE fabric with LDPE lamination, suitable for all those crops where you need to create wind resistance, protect from water and hail and at the same time maintain a constant temperature below the cover.
It’s the perfect product to cover cherries and against cracking.

Our company makes also a special patented cover: ANISOLAR PLUS NET.
It’s the union (sewing or welding) between the laminated fabric and a net (anti-hail or anti-aphid).

All these products are also customizable with the choice of holes, rather than eyelets for anchoring and the width and length of each sheet.

Furthermore, protection bands (applicable to the cover or sold in rolls),mulching sheets, nets and accessories.