AMEFRUITS expands its line of products by committing to the IV range

Amefruits has opened new facilities where it produces peeled garlic, while also offering several other formats such as sliced or chopped garlic and garlic paste in addition to the peeled garlic cloves. Amefruits was founded in 2004 to develop trade relations between Spain and the rest of the world by way of exporting garlic, fruit and vegetables. It currently has a footing in 60 countries worldwide.

Posting an annual sales volume of over 20 million kilos, Amefruits continues to forge ahead with its growth strategy in international markets. Indeed, it already has more than 400 hectares of garlic plantations located in Andalusia and Castile La Mancha.

Furthermore, the Alicante company has a garlic classification and processing centre in the town of El Pedregal (Cuenca), located between the villages of Las Pedroñeras and El Pedernoso. Garlic is sent from there to our headquarters in Bigastro (Alicante) where it is sorted, classified, stored and packed.

One of Amefruits main priorities is the quality of its products and facilities. Accordingly, it exercises meticulous control over the logistics chain to guarantee optimum freshness rates.

Moreover, Amefruits has always worked hard to obtain certain quality certifications such as GLOBAL G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practices), IFS (International Standard for Food) and uKosher.

Amefruits also markets citrus fruits, assuring its customers a supply of lemons throughout the year in several formats, such as bulk, boxed or net bagged for both wholesale customers and large distribution chains.

 Gourmet Black Garlic

Black garlic is one of Amefruits flagship products. It comes from the best purple garlic grown in Las Pedroñeras. Subject to a 100% natural manufacturing process, neither additives nor chemical compounds are used in its production.

The garlic acquires its characteristic jet black colour and carbonised appearance in this process of natural fermentation. Unlike the typical purple garlic, black garlic loses garlic’s characteristic smell and strong flavour, thus precluding bad breath or repeating on you. In fact, Amefruits Gourmet black garlic is noted for its fruity, balsamic touches and different liquorice and truffle bouquets.

IV Range

In its eagerness to continue advancing and incorporating new garlic-related products, Amefruits has started to produce and market peeled garlic at its new facilities in Orihuela. There the dried garlic is peeled for marketing in the said format or sliced, diced, etc., as well as coming in paste form.

Amefruits invites you to visit its Fruit Attraction stand and acquaint yourself with all its novelties.