ALGA ENERGY confirms its attendance at Fruit Attraction 2018

AlgaEnergy has confirmed it is to attend Fruit Attraction 2018, the 10th edition of which is to take place in Madrid from 23 to 25 October. Once again, Fruit Attraction is to become the international meeting point for fruit and vegetable sector professionals: from producers to marketers and exporters. Agricultural input supplier companies will have a prominent space at the event.


It goes without saying that AlgaEnergy could not afford to miss out on this exceptional window to showcase its commitment to a more sustainable form of agriculture. And by doing so, this biotech company aspires to meet to the big challenges facing the agri-food industry and society in general. A contribution that manifests itself in an innovative and above all effective solution: the AgriAlgae® range of micro-algae-based agricultural biostimulants.

Commenting on its attendance at the forthcoming edition of Fruit Attraction, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, General Manager of AlgaEnergy stated that “it has become a well-established event for the agri-food sector and the best window to showcase our new products and solutions to market stakeholders. We have no doubt that, once again, our presence at Fruit Attraction will fully meet all our expectations”. “Naturally, the technology developed for growing microalgae and innovation, which are the raison d’être of our company, will take pride of place at our stand”, he added.

About AlgaEnergy

AlgaEnergy is a biotech company founded in 2007. It has served to consolidate the in-depth knowledge about microalgae science existing in Spain, developed by the universities over the last four decades. It collaborates in research with over 120 companies. Indeed, Iberdrola has had a stake in the company since 2009. AlgaEnergy has designed, built and runs state-of-the-art microalgae growing facilities, which attest to its international pioneer status. It was selected by the European Commission as one of the SMEs with the biggest growth potential in Europe and one of strategic importance for the continent. Moreover, its activity and developments have seen it become an international benchmark.

On account of their biochemical richness and advantages over other traditional agri-industry raw materials, microalgae are of great interest for the development of products in extremely diverse sectors. Nevertheless, the flagship product of AlgaEnergy is its AgriAlgae® range of agricultural biostimulants which, obtained as they are through the controlled production of different species of microalgae, increase yield, improve quality and strengthen resistance to stress situations with respect to all types of crops. These natural and sustainable products have been developed over the last 8 years and have been successfully marketed since 2015, achieving satisfaction rates well surpassing initial expectations.


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