AGRIBUR specialises in the sale and distribution of oranges and mandarins

Oranges and mandarins

Agribur are citrus fruit retail specialists. Its close contact with customers affords it direct insight into customer requirements, thus enabling it to supply products to meet the needs of any given moment. Moreover, its young and enthusiastic team has fully taken up the challenge to export its products and establish a footing in European markets. Agribur takes great care regarding the quality of its products and fully complies with the applicable quality standards, thus enabling it to offer a natural, nutritious product with very high added value for our health.

Agribur SL facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art sector and safety systems.  It has a new 8,000-m2 roofed, warehouse and a further 27,000-m2 open storage space. At present, it has two artisan production lines and the capacity for all types of packaging, whether packaged or net-bagged (GIRSAC). Annual production currently stands at from 14 to 16 million kilos, while the plant has a maximum production capacity of 30 million kilos.

Agribur is meticulous in selecting the product that it markets from farm holdings, putting special emphasis on how the fruit is harvested; cutting without leaves to meet the highest quality standards, or with leaves, depending on product quality. As per the season, all products are processed and packaged at the plant both under Agribur’s own licences and brands (Castang, Candela, Melodie, Princess, New Style, Karisma, Pour Toi, Cote Nature, etc.) as well as under client brands and licences (Fanny and Nat & Sens), filling the orders of these clients at destination under their particular brands, thus supplying them directly ready for sale.

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