ADUNO S.R.L. is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

ADUNO S.R.L. is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and our range is getting bigger and bigger: BASIC5® thermal screens, nets and agricultural textiles for protecting your crops.


BASIC5® thermal screens meet every climate control requirement inside and outside the greenhouse: energy saving, cooling, shading, blackout, supplementary light reflection, etc.

Over the entire range, we paid special attention to aging and wear resistance. Those who have already installed our screens have told us about a product “made as is used to be”: just touch them to feel their thickness and strength.

We put a special attention to the fruit&vegetable world. BASIC5® COMBOSCREENS for Baby Leaf is a combination of shading-refreshing thermal screen and a specially developed shading net. This solution has ensured the best results to growers who already use it, both in Italy and in Spain, improving yield, quality and consistency of production.

Yet we manufacture shading nets, anti-insect nets, anti-hail net, protection net … all displayed at our booth.