ADORA, a unique tomato at Fruit Attraction 2018

ADORA will be back at this edition of Fruit Attraction after this tomato brand was officially presented to the world at the last edition. After all of the success achieved during the previous campaign, visitors to the stand at Fruit Attraction will be able to see all of the new packaging formats available on the market to consumers. They will also be able to taste a one-of-a-kind product.

Throughout 2017 and into 2018, these tomatoes from southern Spain have been positioned on premium markets in England, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany. One of the unique features of this fruit is the “slow ripening, maintaining firmness” which allows it to be stored without affecting the flavour and makes it ideal for export. “This ripening allows a very flavourful variety to be exported”—the Achilles’ heel for many varieties of fresh produce, which are impossible to export in optimal quality conditions.

The ADORA brand aims to win back the trust of consumers looking for tomatoes with flavour. In recent years, this trust had been eroded due to the intrusion onto the market of varieties which looked very good externally but disappointed on the table.  After years of research and the company’s market knowledge, we had the chance to present an innovative project in which our priority is the consumer. For this reason, they have created quality protocols and a traceability system which allows the brand to certify the flavour.

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